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MOME Anim received the Best Animation School Award at Animafest Zagreb 2016

Animationfest 03

At the 2016 World Festival of Animated Film – Animafest Zagreb, the Animation department of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest (MOME Anim) received the Best Animation School Award.

Each year the Student Film Competition Committee of Animafest Zagreb gives the title to the school that sends in the most outstanding films. In 2016, two MOME Anim MA diploma films, The Noise of Licking by Nadja Andrasev, which a few weeks ago won third prize in the Cinéfondation program of the Cannes Film Festival, and Hugo Bumfeldt by Katinka Éva Bognár that recently won the Prize of the Children’s Jury at the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, were selected for the competition program. At the Award Ceremony last weekend, The Noise of Licking got Special Mention in the Student Film Competition.

According to the Student Film Competition Committee of Animafest Zagreb: MOME Anim is “open to new media practices and technologies, and interested in all the accomplishments and inventions by way of which young animation artists may perfect their know-how and skills. At the same time, this is an art school that clearly and successfully fosters creative animation, an artistic style in which Eastern European cinema has traditionally achieved its animation peaks. Be it expressionist and avant-garde traditions, or animated documentary, playful formalism or narrative perfectionism, in this year’s student film competition MOME films bear a certain seal of quality. With a high level of technical execution, intellectual stimulation, visual opulence and poetic visions, MOME Anim’s student animation entries at this festival testify to a top level of excellence in exploring most diverse animation techniques.”

MOME Anim is one of the defining creative workshops and intellectual centres of Hungarian animation. Its scope of activities cover the operation of the university department running the animation BA and MA educational programs, while its work is defined by activities that reach beyond education. Production activities are of key importance, talent management and content development set in an international network are of significant role: an important outcome is the creation and operation of incubator programs. The acquisition of research topics examining the contemporary issues related to animation film in regional, historical or other contexts is also part of the workshop’s life.

MOME Anim has in the past few years achieved worldwide reputation thanks to the amazing student films created at the department. The Noise of Licking, the MA diploma film of Nadja Andrasev recently won Third Prize in the 2016 Cannes Film Festival’s Cinéfondation selection, Special Mention in the competition program of Animafest Zagreb and is in competition this week in Annecy, at one of the most prestigious animation film festivals of the world. Symphony no. 42 of Réka Bucsi premiered at Berlinale Shorts in 2014, and was later shortlisted for the 2015 Oscars.