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Painting Toward Architecture


Painting Toward Architecture traveling exhibition traces the work of Australia’s most prominent architect of the 20th century, Harry Seidler (1923-2006); it examines his distinctive place and hand within and beyond modernist design methodology.

Harry Seidler: Painting Toward Architecture
Curator: Vladimir BelogolovskyPlace: Ponton Galéria
Opening: pm 6.30 Thursday 5th November 2015.
Welcoming speech: David Stuart, Ambassador of Australia and József Fülöp József rector of MOME
Closing:  19th December 2015.

Vladimir BelogolovskyPlace: MOME Auditórium
Date: am 11 06th Friday November 2015.

“Architecture is and always was above all, an art form; that interrelation and
interdependence exists between all the visual arts… The form that architecture takes
should have its roots and marriage with painters and the world of the other visual arts. They are all intertwined, and they all reflect the impetus of our time.”
Harry Seidler