MOME - Moholy Nagy Művészeti Egyetem


Art and Design Management MA
4 semesters
120 credits

Course director: Dr. Gábor Ébli

It is an ever increasing challenge in the fields of art and design to secure professional quality as well as well-managed, financable operation. The practice-oriented training of the MA programme in Art and Design Management lives up to both expectations. Emphasis is put on skills and competences which help graduates act as initiators in the creative industry. Seminars, case studies, real internships are offered to assist students in deciding what design and art projects are worth of support how to manage these projects at a high professional level, how to communicate these values effectively and how to bring them to success in an international environment. The core curriculum contains applied art and economic courses as well as training in legal, social scientific and other related studies. Instead of exams, assessment is based on problem-oriented projects to develop students' personality to later find employment in non-profit art institutions, profit-oriented design companies or on the market of modern and contemporary art.

Course list


Design and Art from the Perspective of Social Sciences
Interdisciplinary Research Methodology of Design and Arts
Cultural, Economic and Legal Framework of Artistic Creation
Communication and Media 1
Cultural Management 1
Design Marketing and Management 1
Art Theory - Cultural Policy
Presentation 1
Special Research (Space Formation) 2
Internship 1
Sociology 1
Science History 1


Fields of Mediating Art and Artwork Analysis 1
Design Theory 1
Communication and Media 2
Cultural Management 2
Design Marketing and Management 2
Artwork Market and Trade 1
Art Philosophy
Special Research (Object Creation) 1
Internship 2


Fields of Mediating Art and Artwork Analysis 2
Design Theory 2
Communication and Media 3
Modernization and Tradition Paradigm Changes
Special Research (Image Creation) 3
Internship 3


Media Theory
Internship 4

*Besides the compulsary subjects, the completion of a number of alternative subjects (theoretical studies, speciality subjects) and free elective subjects, specified in the syllabuses, are necessary for completing the training.